Doran I. G. Bennett

Doran I. G. Bennett

CIFAR Post-Doctoral Fellow

Harvard University
Office: M-112
E-mail: doranbennett[at]
Address: 12 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

  • PhD Physical Chemistry (2013), University of California Berkeley
  • M. Sc., B.A. Chemistry (2007) University of Chicago
  • B.S. Applied Mathematics (2007) University of Chicago

Research Interests
  • Multiscale modeling of functional materials and biology
  • Photosynthesis and light harvesting
  • Exciton transport
  • Non-linear spectroscopy

Representative Publications

For my complete publication list, please see my Google Scholar profile.

  1. K. Amarnath, D. I. G. Bennett*, A. Schneider, G. R. Fleming, Multiscale model of light harvesting by photosystem II in plantsPNAS, 113, 1156 (2016).
  2. D. I. G. Bennett, K. Amarnath, G. R. Fleming, A structure based model of energy transfer reveals the principles of light harvesting in PSII supercomplex. JACS, 135, 9164 (2013).
  3. J. M. Dawlaty, D.I.G. Bennett, V. M. Huxter, G. R. Fleming, Mapping the spatial overlap of excitons in a photosynthetic complex via coherent nonlinear frequency generation. Journal of Chemical Physics 135, 044201 (2011).

* – papers on which I’m also a corresponding author