Joonsuk Huh

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Harvard University

Office: Cv-B21

E-mail: joonsukhuh [at]

PhD, Physics, University of Frankfurt, 2011
M.Sc., Computational Science and Engineering, Technical University of Munich, 2006
B.Sc., Chemistry, POSTECH, 2004

Research interests
    Topics related to the (molecular) quantum dynamics, its applications and the related mathematical techniques such as open quantum dynamics, rovibronic spectroscopy, anharmonic problem, nonadiabatic molecular dynamics, coherent states, semi-classical dynamics, photosynthesis, exciton dynamics, matrix functions, cumulant expansion, multi-variate orthogonal polynomials. Quantum stochastic process, quantum optics, quantum information and computation, quantum control and nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

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