Joseph Goodknight

Joseph Goodknight

Ph.D. Student
Chemical Physics Program
Harvard University

Office: M-105

Telephone: (617) 496-8221
E-mail: jgoodknight [at]
Address: 12 Oxford Street, Mailbox 419, Cambridge, MA 02138

B.S. in Chemistry, minor in Physics, High Honors
University of California, Berkeley
(Advisor: Richard J. Saykally)
AM in Physics
Harvard University
Research Interests
  • New and novel forms of Spectroscopy: theory and experiment
  • Exciton Dynamics of molecular aggregates
  • Effective Thermal Potentials for Improved Molecular Dynamics Simulations

  1. D.E. Otten, R. Onorato, R. Michaels, J. Goodknight, R. J. Saykally “Strong Surface Adsorption of Aqueous Sodium Nitrite as an Ion Pair,” Chem. Phys. Lett. 519-520, 45-48 (2012).