Ryan Babbush

Ryan after PhD Defense

Dr. Ryan Babbush

Senior Research Scientist
Google, Quantum A.I. Lab

Email: babbush [at] google
Phone: (949) 331-3943


Ph.D. Chemical Physics, Harvard University. 2015.
M.A. Physics, Harvard University. 2013.
B.A. Physics & Chemistry, Carleton College. 2011.

Research Interests
  • Development of quantum simulation algorithms, especially with applications in electronic structure theory.
  • Methods of compiling Hamiltonians for quantum annealing and universal adiabatic quantum computing.
  • Machine learning, especially problems pertaining to probabilistic graphical models and neural networks.
  • Founder and lead developer of the open source project OpenFermion (www.openfermion.org/).

Google Scholar Profile

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