Sangwoo Shim

Sangwoo Shim

Ph.D. Student
Chemical Physics Program
Harvard University

Office: M-138

Telephone: (617) 496-3182
E-mail: sshim [at]
Address: 12 Oxford Street, Mailbox 63, Cambridge, MA 02138

  • AM, Statistics, Harvard University, 2011.
  • MS, Physical Chemistry, Seoul National University, 2007.
  • BS, Chemistry, Seoul National University, 2002.

Research Interests
  • Semiclassical initial value representation. (SC-IVR)
  • Path integral Monte Carlo.
  • Theories of open quantum systems for excitonic systems.

  1. Atomistic study of the long-lived quantum coherences in the Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex, Sangwoo Shim, Patrick Rebentrost, Stéphanie Valleau and Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Biophysical Journal 102, 649-660 (2012). Preprint: arXiv:1104.2943. Calculated spectral densities can be download here: sd.tar.bz2
  2. Simplified Sum-Over-States Approach for Predicting Resonance Raman Spectra. Application to Nucleic Acid Bases, Dmitrij Rappoport, Sangwoo Shim and Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2, 1254-1260 (2011).
  3. Characterization and quantification of the role of coherence in ultrafast quantum biological experiments using quantum master equations, atomistic simulations, and quantum process tomography, Patrick Rebentrost, Sangwoo Shim, Joel Yuen-Zhou and Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Procedia Chemistry 3, 332-346 (2011). Preprint: arXiv:1012.3451. Proceedings of the 22nd Solvay Conference on Chemistry, Brussels, October 2010.
  4. First-principles semiclassical initial value representation molecular dynamics, Michele Ceotto, Sule Atahan, Sangwoo Shim, Gian Franco Tantardini and Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11, 3861-3867 (2009).Preprint: arXiv:0712.0424.