Teresa Tamayo-Mendoza

Teresa Tamayo-Mendoza

Ph.D. Student
Chemical Physics Program
Harvard University

Office: M-104

E-mail: ttamayomendoza [at] g.harvard.edu
Address: 12 Oxford Street, Mailbox 83, Cambridge, MA 02138

    M.Sc. in Chemistry, Universidad de Guadalajara, 2014
    B.Sc. in Chemistry, Universidad de Guadalajara, 2011

Research Interests
  • Electronic structure methods
  • Massively parallel processing

  1. Teresa Tamayo-Mendoza, Christoph Kreisbeck, Roland Lindh, and Alán Aspuru-Guzik. Automatic differentiation in quantum chemistry with an application to fully variational Hartree-Fock. (2017) Preprint: arXiv:1711.08127.
  2. Teresa Tamayo-Mendoza, and Roberto Flores-Moreno. Symbolic algebra development for higher order electron propagator formulation and implementation. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 10 (2014): 2363–2370.